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Step 1: Site Capturing

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The use of digitizing equipment ensures the accurate capture of site dimensions. This data is fed directly into the CPP System for detailed designs.

Step 2: Design

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Both 2D and 3D CAD systems are used to validate designs and ensure accuracy. The output from these system drive the CNC cutting components.

Step 3: Cutting

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All components are cut on CNC equipment to achieve precision assembly.

Step 4: Fabricating

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Skilled, experienced tradesmen assemble, finish and install our projects.


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With 25 years experience, Dupont recognizes RJW as one of the world's leaders and innovators in thermoforming Corian® products.

Image Infusion

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With specialized equipment from Europe, we can infuse images, graphics and information into solid surface and clear acrylic material in any size up to 3 1/2 ft by 11 1/2 ft. These images are very durable as the ink penetrates and chemically bonds to the polymers in the material; the image is not simply on the surface.

  • Specialized equipment from Europe.

  • Large format panels up to 3 1/2' x 11 1/2'.

  • Text, pictures or graphics.

Back Lighting

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Whether it be LED's or florescence, we can provide design assistance to achieve any desired back-lit effect with Corian®.

  • Whole panel illumination.

  • Sandblasting imagery for textured lighting.

  • Routed imagery front side for sharp definition - backside for subtle imagery.


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Sandblasting can be used to shape, form, profile and etch Corian® to obtain unique and creative results.

  • Sculptured surfaces.

  • Textured surfaces.

  • Free form imagery.

Sculpting & Texturing

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By using special software to design graphics, reliefs and images, Corian® can become 3D surfaces, both flat and curved.

  • Linear patterns.

  • Organic designs.

  • Geometric carving.


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When projects require significant internal substructures, we have the engineering experience to design, fabricate and install these as part of the total project.

  • Structural steel for suspended staircase.

  • Attachment system for suspended ceiling fixture.

  • Structural steel for large table.


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When millworking became an integral part of Corian® projects, whether it be vanities, kitchens or other cabinetry, we have the specialized software, equipment and expertise to produce high quality projects.

  • Sophisticated design software integrated into CNC component cutting.

  • Corian and wood cabinetry.

  • Top of the line hardware and drawer systems.


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New for 2014, we have added solid surface casting capability to our leading edge manufacturing processes. Casting allows us to build more complex shapes, produce a monolythic one piece product of superior quality, and provide low cost solutions for volume projects.

  • High quality monolthic parts.

  • Complex shapes.

  • Unique designs.

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